Stefania  Aguzzi
Stefania Aguzzi
Senior Consultant, IDC4EU - European Government Consulting

Stefania Aguzzi is a senior consultant in the IDC4EU European Government Consulting unit. She holds a BA in political sciences and a master's degree in marketing management. Aguzzi manages a range of projects, contributes to research and consulting projects in the European government consulting area, and takes part in bids for tenders from EU, public administration and other entities. Aguzzi is involved in proposal preparation, project execution and delivery of project outputs. She is responsible for communication and dissemination activities for projects and for the IDC4EU group (brand development, communication management, website management and social media management). She is also responsible for event and workshop organisation and management. She regularly contributes to the IDC4EU European Government Consulting research and method development activities. She holds a certification from the Association for Project Management (APM, UK). Aguzzi joined IDC's European Government Consulting team in 2011.