Silvia  Piai
Silvia Piai
Research Director, Europe

Silvia Piai is the Research Director for IDC Health Insights in Europe. 

Silvia is responsible for analyzing key trends related to IT strategies and spending in European healthcare organizations, and global Public Health institutions. She advises healthcare organizations and ICT vendors on planning and implementing effective digital health transformation initiatives to drive business innovation.


Silvia Piai has a more than 10 year experience in healthcare IT research. She started her career as public sector analyst, for then specializing in healthcare and becoming the lead analyst for the European healthcare market for IDC Health Insights. In her role, she focuses on the impact of digital transformation of healthcare and the role of technology in key industry trends as personalization and integration of care.

Her analysis offers in-depth coverage of the technologies that provide the most clinical value in terms of quality, cost, time, and agility and are transforming pre-care, point of care (POC), and post-care today. Analyzing the adoption and the investment plans of healthcare organizations, Silvia describes the evolution of healthcare IT and gives key insight on primary factors shaping the industry and the implications for the coming year future.

Silvia is also a member of the IDC Mobility and Vision2020 European practices.


Silvia Piai  graduated in political sciences and international relations with a specialization in international business at the Università degli Study di Trieste (Italy) in 2005.

She is frequently quoted in industry journals and newspapers.

In addition to her native Italian, she also fluently speaks English and French.