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As a consulting practice, European Government Consulting leverages IDC Europe business units’ competences and research to support policy clients in the assessment of ICT’s demand dynamics and socio-economic impacts.

The European Government Consulting team provides research and consulting based on the following methodologies:

  • Analysis of the social and economic dimensions of ICT-based innovation development, including e-inclusion/digital divide issues, digital literacy, e-skills,  social networking dynamics, trust and Internet security issues, the macroeconomic and productivity impacts of ICTs, and so on.
  • Design and Implementation of benchmarking indicators of ICT diffusion, take-up and impacts, including comparisons at the EU level (across countries) or at the national and regional level.
  • Evaluation, Monitoring and Impact Assessment of policies for the Knowledge Economy and the Information Society;
  • Analysis of ICT Industry competitiveness and innovation issues, with a specific focus on Small and Medium Enterprises, IPR and knowledge-based business models, technology transfer issues, ICT clusters issues;
  • ICT Markets quali-quantitative analysis and modeling, including for example the comparative assessment of the level of maturity of ICT markets;
  • ICT foresight analysis and scenarios development, on the basis of the analysis of technical, social, economic and policy issues.

These methodologies have all been implemented in studies and project for the EC or for private clients, as shown by the relevant references.


Leveraging IDC Europe business units’ competences

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